Laboratory and pilot-industrial level technologies (up to 20 000L)

Bioenergy LT offers companies operating in the biotechnology sector, scientific research institutions and individual interested persons to use the huge potential of production capacity and to expand their technologies faster and cheaper, to improve existing ones or to create new biological products. Using accumulated scientific research practices, knowledge and the advantages of our technological equipment, we develop biotechnological processes in contract manufacturing of biological products.

Laboratory-level process technology is an important part of microbiological, biotechnological and biochemical research. Using laboratory-scale bioreactors, experimentally optimized processes can be scaled up to an industrial-scale industrial scale. Meanwhile, an industrial-scale process can be scaled down to laboratory-scale processes to improve the manufacturing process. The available equipment is perfectly adapted to the cultivation of microorganisms under controlled conditions that provide an ideal environment for cell division or the production of a specific bioproduct. Our available laboratory and industrial-scale bioreactors are suitable for microbial fermentation processes (fungi, yeast or bacteria).