Research and development

Bioenergy LT scientific laboratory has been successfully working since 2013. Modern research is carried out by up-to-date laboratory equipment, which is modernized annually to maintain the highest level of scientific potential.
The staff of the laboratory – microbiologists and biotechnologists – are experienced specialists in their field, constantly raising their competence in various national and international training, conferences, and seminars. The accumulated knowledge is applied not only to the determination and evaluation of the properties of microorganisms but also to the development and analysis of new products.
Biochemical and microbiological tests performed by Bioenergy LT scientific laboratory staff:

  • identification and enumeration of microorganisms (KFV mL-1) in samples (selective microbiological testing of biological products containing live micro-organisms for colony-forming units; levels of microbiological contamination of water and the environment for total sedimentation or filtration methods);
  • detailed studies of biological products (pH, sugar content, shelf life of biological products, influence of various factors (cold, heat, etc.) on the viability of microorganisms in biological products, sensitivity of microorganisms to various chemicals, lignin and cellulose concentration, and activity of various enzymes (lipase, amylase, cellulase, protease, xylanase) in biological products);
  • microscopic analysis (determination of the number of viable and non-viable microorganism cells, analysis of the microflora in biological products);
  • preparation of microbiological culture media (selective media is prepared for the detection of the relevant species of microorganisms in biological products, water, or other test substances. Media is prepared from appropriate reagents or complete commercial dehydrated media is used. It can be prepared in both liquid and solid forms which are dispensed into disposable 90 mm Petri dishes or glassware. At the customer’s request, the media can be prepared according to the recipe provided and dispensed in the desired amounts).