Azofix Plus

Why Azofix Plus?

  • Organic fertilizer;
  • More efficient fixation of atmospheric nitrogen; up to 50 kg/ha of the active ingredient;
  • Higher seed germination energy;
  • The potential of plant genetic productivity is developed;
  • Better quality yield;
  • Promotes the biological activity of soils;
  • Improves soil structure and sorption, water and air regimes in the soil;
  • Can be used on organic farms.

Operating principle:

During the nitrogen fixation phase, nitrogen enters the soil from the atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere contains large amounts of nitrogen gas (N2), but this nitrogen is “not available” to plants because plants cannot absorb gaseous nitrogen. In order for plants to absorb atmospheric nitrogen, the N2 must be transformed by nitrogen fixation. During fixation, atmospheric nitrogen is converted to a form that is available to plants. The Azofix Plus organic fertilizer bacteria derive energy from plants and in return, it fixes the nitrogen in a form that is accessible to the plant. The fixed nitrogen is transferred to other parts of the plant and used to form plant tissue, allowing the plant to grow and exploit its genetic productivity. Bacteria live freely in the soil and control the nitrogen fixation process.



  • 20 L
  • 10 L
  • 5 L*
  • 1 L*
Minimum Order Quantity - 1T