Azofix Alfalfa

Why Azofix Alfalfa?

  • More intensive formation of nodules on the roots of the plant;
  • More efficient fixation of atmospheric nitrogen;
  • The potential of plant genetic productivity is developed;
  • Better quality yield;
  • Promotes the biological activity of soils;
  • Improves soil structure and sorption, water and air regimes in the soil;
  • Can be used on organic farms.
  • Operating principle:

    Azofix Alfalfa organic fertilizer contains bacteria, that has to be introduced into the soil, then it begins to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere. These bacteria are symbiotic and accumulate atmospheric nitrogen once they form a symbiosis with the root-hairs of leguminous plants, by forming nodules on the roots.



    • 20 L
    • 10 L
    • 5 L*
    • 1 L*
    Minimum Order Quantity - 1T