Why Bacto-C?

  • Improves soil structure and organic carbon content;
  • Promotes soil biological and enzymatic activity;
  • Promotes plant growth and resistance to stressful situations;
  • Prolongs the action of other biological preparations;
  • Enhances higher yield and quality.
  • Operating principle:

    Bacto-C contains carbon supplemented with humic acids, fulvic acids, and algae extract. This whole complex of substances also contains microelements and macroelements, and their action is enhanced by the organic matter of the product. A very important component of this product is natural soil microorganisms, which help to mediate the soil of pathogenic microorganisms that cause plant diseases and ensure the protection and quality of future crops. Organic carbon, micronutrients, and microorganisms work together to create a synergistic effect and maximize the full potential of soil fertility.



    • 20 L
    • 10 L
    • 5 L*
    • 1 L*
    Minimum Order Quantity - 1T