Why Maxprolin?

  • Improves plant response to cold weather, frost, waterlogging, or drought;
  • Promotes seed germination, root hairs formation regulates water circulation in the plant;
  • Promotes the formation of chlorophyll b in plants, increases the photosynthesis process;
  • Increases sugar accumulation in cells and intercellular transport processes, therefore better response to winter conditions;
  • Increases yield and crop quality.
  • Operating principle:

    Proline is accumulated in cells of plants under unfavorable plant growth conditions. The experimental data let us draw the conclusion that the accumulation of proline in plants has a protective function. The application of MaxProlin increases the concentration of proline in plants. It is scientifically proved that proline metabolism affects plant response to stress (cold, heat, drought): the plant growth is optimized and resistance to adverse environmental factors is increased.



    • BIOENERGY MAXPROLIN20g carton box

    Microbiological preparation.