Azofix Rhizo

Why Azofix Rhizo?

  • More intensive formation of nodules on the roots of the plant;
  • More efficient fixation of atmospheric nitrogen; up to 50 kg/ha of active ingredient; Higher seed germination energy;
  • The potential of plant genetic productivity is developed;
  • Better quality yield;
  • Promotes the biological activity of soils;
  • Improves soil structure and sorption, water and air regimes in the soil;
  • Can be used on organic farms.
  • Operating principle:

    Azofix Rhizo organic fertilizer bacteria, when they are introduced into the soil, begin to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere. These bacteria are symbiotic and only form a symbiosis with the roots of bean and peas plants, accumulating atmospheric nitrogen by forming nodules on the roots.



    • 20 L
    • 10 L
    • 5 L*
    • 1 L*
    Minimum Order Quantity - 1T